Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time watching videos of my two favourite YouTubers, danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, as well as videos made by fans of theirs that are just collections of clips of them being cute, pretty much. Because of this I’ve seen how fanatical these fans can really get, such as one time several years ago (before he was anywhere near as popular as he is now) Phil had a fan come up to him and lick his face. Many times people have written to them both saying they figured out where they live, and so on.

This side to popularity like this has always baffled me. I’m not saying I don’t get overly involved in watching the lives of these people myself, I very much do (the last two nights I’ve stayed up until almost morning watching videos, what does that say about me), but I’m not extreme. I like the videos, I waste my life, that’s it. I take long breaks, too, where I stop watching videos and I pretty much forget about the things/people I was so interested in before. I think that’s a healthier approach to being a “fan” than ruining my life obsessing over them or interfering with THEIR lives with things like aggressively shipping them or stalking them. How can someone lose sight of their own life so much that they can get to that point? It’s pathetic, really.

This post is probably not all that worth reading, and I’m impressed you have. You deserve a cookie to make up for it. It’s also past one in the morning as I’m writing, and due to sleep deprivation lately I’m very tired, so I don’t know why I’m up writing.

You’re welcome for this trainwreck, Future Liam.


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