There’s that one thing that all people do. Most other animals do it, too, even more often than us humans do. That little thing is crucially important to functioning, without it your brain begins to slow down and stop working properly. With enough deprivation of it you can start to hallucinate or even die if you push it far enough.

You know what else? I hate it. I hate sleep.

I hate how it gives me the cold shoulder every night, regardless of how early I shrugged it’s greedy, protective arms away that morning. I hate that even once I fall asleep I’m still restless, my mind is still running in random directions. I hate that when I’m asleep is the only time my creativity is truly unleashed, and I hate that the fantastical dreams begin to evaporate when I open my eyes.

I’m sure you’re not surprised I’m writing this in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping.


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