It’s been almost a week since I last wrote for my blog, and then it was a post about the monotony and blur that life was. Even now, with my fancy new laptop, I’ve been struggling to find inspiration for what to write about.

I tell myself things like that all the time. “I’ll do awesome at x after y happens,” “y will make x easier,” and so on. Once I actually get or do y, x is no easier than it was before y. It’s just a method of procrastination, I think, and I have yet to shake it.

Even writing this today, I started and then set it aside several times. Now I’m writing mainly because I’m waiting for drivers to install for me to upload photos from my phone to my laptop. I had to clean my desk off to be able to focus on writing, too. That’s another one of those excuses about why I have trouble focusing, but it really does make a difference for me. All the drawing tools, eraser crumbs, random papers, and wires just add to the chaos in my head, so I organised as best I could.

See those three paragraphs you just read? Somehow I was able to write that much without actually writing about anything.

I’m attempting to organise all the files I have on my external hard drive, and I’m trying to keep my laptop’s files organised so they don’t get to that state. It’s surprisingly difficult to keep it neat.

So, this was a very interesting read for you, I’m sure. You’re welcome for wasting a couple minutes of your time.


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