Is it strange to use my own low-resolution photo for the cover for this post? Oh well.

Life is very much painted lately, and I’m not just referring to how I’ve been getting really into my digital painting. It’s the vibes I mean, the general moods and thoughts of the stuff that’s been going on in my life.

I’ve been busier and more social than usual, but also less busy at the same time. I’ve immersed myself in creative expression and I get up in the morning now. I’ve rediscovered my favourite genre of music and all the intense music mixes that I used to listen to to get inspired, which is extremely elating. But none of that explains the painted vibes.

I think it’s probably due to the changing seasons. Looking back on previous writing, I tend to get more nostalgic and painted during the transitional period between seasons, and the autumn-to-winter transition is the strongest for me. There are a lot of associations with this season, ranging from extremely positive childhood nostalgia to negative memories of past relationships and all the stuff that happened during these months of the year.

There is a medical condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder(1) that is similar to what I seem to be experiencing, but that’s more along the lines of an increase in depression due to the seasons – also called “winter blues”, apparently, when it’s to do with winter – and I’m not more depressed, I’m just more…painted. It’s both happier and sadder, both introspective and extrospective, and all in all very creative. I’m writing more on my book than ever before and making full-out paintings with no basis in reality or obligation to even make them (like for Inktober), and I’m thinking of more ideas compared to previous months. To be fair I haven’t implemented these ideas much, particularly the ones pertaining to filming videos, but at least the ideas are there.

I’m not entirely sure where I wanted to go with this post, but I wanted to express those thoughts in writing since this is pretty much my online journal for myself to look back on. I know there are a few readers besides Future Liam, but ultimately you’re still Randoms looking in on my internal monologue.


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