YouTube (Again)

I’m writing about YouTube again, yes, but not the same thoughts – at least I hope not.

Just the other day I recorded, edited, and uploaded a speed-painting video to my old YouTube channel as a sort of send-off to let the few people who watched that channel know I’m on a new account again, and interestingly that was the first video with a talking portion (albeit tiny) that I liked. Okay, not properly “liked”, but I wasn’t cringing through watching it over.

I’m making notes now on what elements to use to shape my videos into something worth watching. So far I’ve decided that art videos are the most popular, writing a script is vital, and speaking quickly helps sound less forced. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know, I’m VERY happy for constructive criticism and feedback. That’s why I share my creations with you, after all.

I’ve employed this new-found confidence in beginning a doodle-a-day challenge for December, and I’m making a video for every single one. It’s been my most successful foray into YouTube yet.

On the topic of YouTube, I’m more torn than ever over the content I watch. I’ve been slipping into binge-watching sessions with little self-control, but all the while hating that and trying to cut down on my watching. That’s another thing this doodle-a-day challenge has been good for – it reduces the amount of time I have available to waste since I’m busy for a good portion of the day while I draw and edit and upload.

On that note, I’ll get a head start on today’s drawing.


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