Holiday Season

The atmosphere is intense for everyone this season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Yule, another winter holiday, or nothing at all. Regardless of that stuff, it’s an emotionally charged time of year. As I mentioned in a recent post on this blog, it’s so common to get emotionally affected in winter that there’s a medical condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or the “winter blues”.

For me personally, I have a lot of baggage associated with this season. I briefly got into that in the same blog post as the winter blues thing. Very briefly, though, but that’s how I’m leaving that. This isn’t the place for rehashing my past, particularly not when it involves sour relationship experiences. Besides baggage, however, it’s a good vibe I’m getting this year. It’s productive and energetic, but also cosy and comforting. This doodle-a-day challenge has augmented those feelings for me, both with the daily challenges being cosy and holiday-themed and with the fact that I’m being productive with something I love doing.

It’s strange, though, how I’ve been feeling overall really good recently while seeing the people around me stressed out. Normally I’m the unhappy, stressed one looking in at the happiness of the holidays with a grimace reminiscent of the Grinch. It’s a change for the better in regards to my wellbeing, but I feel guilty that I’m doing so well while so few other people are. 2016 has been difficult for everyone, including me, but I seem to be coming out on top. My plans are all gradually working out the way I want them, and my hardships seem to be paying off.

Hopefully, I didn’t make you miserable over your own stresses or annoyance at me talking about things going so well.

(If I did, you’re more than welcome to not read this blog. It is, quite frankly, about me and my perspective alone.)


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