I set myself a tight schedule today – I had plans at 8, so I had to record, edit, and upload today’s video as well as re-edit and upload yesterday’s since I fucked up, all before 7:30.

It was very close, but I got them done just barely before my deadline, by which time I had had to cancel my plans due to the weather. So I have the rest of my evening to relax after that stressful bout of editing, and I thought this would be the perfect time to write something.

It probably seems like I haven’t written on this blog in ages, but I actually have been writing – I just haven’t posted anything. I have three draft posts right now that I have to finish writing and/or decide if I want to publish, and that’s not including this one. I’ve found that with the increased feeling of productivity with the YouTube thing I’ve grown more distracted with my writing, both on this blog and on my novel.

Hopefully, I’ll shimmy things so I have less stress about getting the videos finished within the day and give myself more room to focus on other things, like my aforementioned novel-writing. I’ve been craving progress that I haven’t given myself and I’d like to change that. Besides, of course, wanting to actually publish the book eventually.

YouTube, writing, and art seem to be the only things on my mind, and I’m sure it’s getting old for you as an observer. It’s just getting exciting for me, but then again, you also can’t see all the other stuff going on. I have lots of ideas swimming around in this head of mine. I just haven’t been able to get them out in a legible way for the most part. All of these ideas are rough drafts that are sort of on hold until I’m either done the Doodle-a-Day challenge or I’ve figured out a way of making that a manageable task.

Until then, I’m likely going to keep writing these vague, uninteresting, jumbled messes for you to enjoy.

(I’m beginning to dislike the word “enjoy” after saying it in all of my video intros this month.)


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  1. Carrie says:

    Nice blog. I like how you are aware of your progress, comment on it, and expand on that again with your own challenges!

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