Doodle-a-Day is Over

The December Doodle-a-Day challenge I was doing this month was supposed to actually go until the very last day of December, but I decided to cut it short on Christmas. As fun as it was, it really took up a lot of my time and attention and I was unable to create much else besides each “doodle” and corresponding speed-painting video.

Remember how I said I was going to do a vlog in the middle of Doodle-a-Day to break up the videos? I (obviously) didn’t end up doing that. But now that I’m done with Doodle-a-Day I finally did write some ideas, and I actually made that vlog today – not because I want people to watch me talk about something, I might add. I simply make videos because I sometimes like discussing things out loud while simultaneously creating a video record of a point in my life.

With the giant project that was Doodle-a-Day now over, I’ve returned to writing my novel, which is what that vlog was made to discuss. (To briefly summarise the video if you don’t want to watch it, I introduced my characters and compared how I wrote from when I was first starting out to how I write now and how good it feels to make progress.)

I’m not all that much further along than I was last time I wrote about my book here, but the progress I have made feels good. There’s something about writing that feels incredibly satisfying – even writing this blog feels far more productive than most things. There’s something about putting words on paper (figuratively) that gives a sense of accomplishment.

That feeling might be a leftover habit from school. Writing essays and other assignments were, naturally, praised, which lead to an association with writing being even more of a good thing than I grew up with it being. I’m not complaining here – I strongly believe that writing is a valuable and rewarding activity, and I’ve wanted to be a writer as long as I can remember knowing that writing professionally was possible.

I actually do have a real-world writing assignment, now that I mention it. I’m in the process of applying for something and in the application, I have to write something akin to an informal essay. It’s essentially a writing assignment, and it’s far from enjoyable. I write all the time but when I’m required to write I fumble, I forget what words to use, I get anxious that I’ve inadequately described any one thing or that I’ve blurred the point with extraneous words. I wrote a video script and this blog post as a way of putting off the assignment, but I have to finish it eventually. It does have a deadline, after all.


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