It’s a New Year


I’ve never made New Year’s resolutions before, but I’m strongly considering it this year. The main thing I want to do is to improve my organisation. Remember when I talked about how I wanted to start a daily schedule? Well, I’ve actually done that now (thanks to a lovely book(1) I discovered) and it’s oddly empowering. That’s what originally inspired me to make it a resolution for the new year.

I don’t really think they should be considered New Year’s resolutions, though, because that lends to the idea that they’re just for the beginning of the year right after New Year’s. Maybe that’s why it’s so common for people to fail their resolutions in the first few weeks. I think it would be much more productive to consider them simply goals to accomplish within the year – or to remain constant throughout the whole year, depending on the goal in question. Another way I think a lot of people go wrong is that they set unrealistic expectations for themselves. For example, I have at least one surgery this year, so I’m not going to make a plan to do a 365-day drawing challenge.

So the only goals I’ve set for myself so far are very basic and achievable: consistently use a daily schedule, switch from cream to milk in my coffee, read more often, and get better at using my time and money wisely. I just read about something called a Bullet Journal(2) and I’m thinking I might start doing that. It’s sort of like an ordinary journal, but with to-do lists and goals and notes all thrown in as well. It might overwhelm me, though, if I approach it wrong. I’ll think about that one for a while before deciding one way or the other. I’m not going to restrict myself to only starting these “resolutions” in January. There shouldn’t be a certain timeframe for when you can set personal goals.

I’ve seen countless comments across the internet these last few weeks about how horrible 2016 was and how 2017 had better not be as bad but probably will be worse and so on. I did have a lot of stuff going on last year, but it was far from horrible as a whole. I feel like all the things I care about in my life are falling into place, slowly but surely, and I’m becoming a better person.

I have really strong vibes that this will be a good year for me, whatever it holds. Hopefully the same is true for anyone reading this.


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  1. Carrie says:

    Well Stated.
    I agree that automatic associations and assumptions go with making “New Year’s Resolutions”.
    Changing habits and planning goals, are natural growth declarations for self.
    Future Liam… this day Liam is pretty smart!
    Thank You for letting me be witness to your growth!

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