Taking Steps in a Profitable Direction

I’ve been working on a couple things that might be worth mentioning.

I’ve opened a couple online shops (RedBubble and Design By Humans) as well as a Fiverr shop, which is less of a shop and more of a place where I can get commissions. I don’t want that to take off as much as the other two, but I will do the odd commission. If there’s something you want me to draw, you can go check that out. As of writing this, I’m still completely available so you’re guaranteed to get a spot!

It’s really cool making artwork with the goal of putting it on products, which is what both RedBubble and Design By Humans do. It’s interesting because it makes me think about what I’m creating in a different way than I usually do. I’m now considering how it will work on different coloured backgrounds, if the shape is more portrait or landscape, if my resolution is high enough for printing, if my image is interesting enough that someone might want to buy it on a t-shirt, and so on. I’m thinking less about drawing my characters over again and more about thinking of ideas that are eye-catching and worthy of actually spending money on.

I can’t put all of my attention into this project just yet, however. I’m still working on paperwork for a government thing, I have surgery in about a week and a half (holy crap that’s been sneaking up on me fast), and I’ll be starting the OSAP application for college soon. I have a lot on my plate right now, but it’s all things that I’ve been wanting for years, and I’m certainly not complaining. It’s scary but in that good kind of way that I don’t often let myself experience.

So it’s not a big thing yet, I’ve only put a couple things up in each shop, but it’s a huge step for me in regards to turning my hobby into a career. I’m not expecting huge financial success from this, that’s just unrealistic. I’m expecting more than I’m currently making. That is really easy to achieve.


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