Writer’s Block

The last time I published writing was exactly a month ago. Not counting this post, I have five drafts that I haven’t been able to finish. My second blog has several drafts, too, and I’ve been entirely unsuccessful with my novel-writing.

Since writing posts like I normally do (with a clear subject and lots of planning) hasn’t been working, I’ve decided to just write out some thoughts with no planned direction other than getting words to come out of my head.

My surgery got rescheduled, as you might have noticed if you happened to see the countdown date changing. (If you’re reading this on mobile, it’s at the bottom of the page.) I’m a bit nervous but it hasn’t really sunk in that it’s happening, especially since I’ve had the expected date not happen twice now. In a couple days I’ll be able to submit the paperwork for chest surgery, too, which is awesome. I’d like to get that ball rolling faster and ideally get the surgery done well before August so that I can go to school without stressing about that.

I hate writing blog posts that are nothing but listing updates on my life, but I think that’s what this is turning into. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish those drafts soon and get the creativity flowing again. I definitely need to get it back before I start school.

That’s a big weight on my mind as of late: anticipating college. I’m looking forward to being a student and learning and all that, but I’m dreading the situation of dealing with my roommate and classmates. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I’m not completely dreading it. I have strong reservations because I’m aware that I have a lot of issues that make living with me very difficult for both parties involved, but at the same time I’m looking forward to the new experience and living away from home and (hopefully) adapting and becoming better.

I’m planning on getting new glasses. There’s a somewhat-old Dodie video (which features a lovely song, go watch it here!) advertising for GlassesUSA.com, and when I checked it out I discovered that they have free shipping to Canada, really good prices, and all the reviews are very positive. I did some extensive browsing for several weeks – possibly even months now, I don’t remember exactly when I first looked – and found a handful of frames I really like. I asked people I know for their opinions, and I’ve settled on my favourite. I’m stoked, but I need to update my prescription before I can place an order.

Speaking of online orders, I’ve done a significant amount of online shopping recently. I bought a book series (the always-awesome Scott Pilgrim graphic novels) and just today a t-shirt. Don’t worry, I’m still keeping track of my budget, but it’s oddly satisfying to order things online. It’s dangerous, though. There are countless things available, and it takes only a few clicks to buy them.


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