Enjoying Nature

I started reading a book last night called Notes from the Internet Apocalypse. I’m not very far into it but already it seems ridiculous to me that people would be so lost without the internet. I’m not claiming innocence, that would be even more ridiculous, but I am claiming that my generation (and most people who use the Internet) are over-stimulated and oblivious to the real world. That’s why I’m taking a hiatus from Facebook.

That’s a bit of a tangent from the topic I planned on writing about, but it is connected. Something that I’ve noticed that’s relatively rare is mindfulness. Being acutely aware of the present moment and all the delicious details it offers. I don’t know if it was ever common, but I also don’t think people turning into Internet zombies is helping.

When I spend time alone in nature I try to be as mindful as possible to really enjoy the experience. Nature is beautiful – even the small, often-dismissed park that I frequent when the weather is nice. That’s what my newest YouTube video was trying to express, through low-quality video clips. I would have tried to get better ones, but the snow struck again and it’s not as nice to be there in the bitter cold.

I’m a city-dweller at heart, but I do need breaks from the constant buzz occasionally. I’m still trying to learn to treat other park-goers with a positive attitude rather than feeling like my private space is being invaded.

(Click here to watch the video I made)



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