Ever since that countdown got into the single-digit numbers, I’ve been feeling a little rush of nerves whenever I glance at it. The day is fast approaching, and I have no means to prepare myself.

I haven’t posted anything in a few days for no particular reason. I haven’t done a lot of creating this month in general, oddly enough. When I stop and think back to whatever it was I did fill my time with, I draw a blank. What the hell have I been doing? The days are slipping away like smoke through my fingers even as I try desperately to cling onto them a little bit longer.

I started writing a random almost free-writing kind of story on Wattpad which has been going well, I think. I’m not going to talk about it at length because I think that might be why I keep jinxing myself with my writing, but I will say that it’s nothing like my baby ATEOSR. I published the first chapter if you want to see what I’m talking about.

Speaking of randomness (great segway, amirite), I’m getting impatient with my hair. It’s longer than it’s been for a few years, but it’s growing very slowly. I decided I’d like to let my natural colour grow out rather than redyeing it. I last dyed it on Valentine’s Day and although most of the colour faded to a pale ginger, my natural colour appears to have grown out only a centimetre or so. I’m not patient with things like this and I’m somewhat worried I’ll get fed up and just cut it one of these days.

This was a decidedly not cohesive post, it seems, but hopefully you didn’t mind the jumping from random update to random update.

As a conclusion of sorts, I feel the need to summarise. I’m nervous for surgery, March seems to be going by very quickly, I’ve done a bit of writing, and I’m not happy with my hair. Why I put this on my blog rather than in my journal, I have no idea.


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