I’ve been doing a fair bit of research today into housing for college, which is ultimately pointless since I’m planning on living on-campus for my first year. It’s still fun, though, to look at all the listings and see what kinds of options I’d have if I was renting a room/apartment somewhere.

I see the rooms and the list of available amenities and so on and I stop and think about what it would be like living there. I think about sharing that kitchen with a few random strangers and I think about coming up with the best route to walk to school and I think about attending my classes and lectures and doing my projects. It’s all so intense and intimidating, but incredibly exciting, too. I’ve been living dependently my whole life – sure, I moved out for a while when I went to Rhode Island, but I wasn’t living independently; I relied on my partner-at-the-time completely. He knew the area, he did all the renting, he worked, he knew people who could drive us places. I was forced to be more dependent than I am at home with my parents.

So it’s a thrilling idea to finally move out and be independent. I really hope I can handle it.

I have to wait for all of that stuff with college and moving out and stuff, but I’m taking little steps where I am right now. I’ve been studying and saving for taking the driving test, finally. I’m going to be turning 20 in less than a month – it’s about time I start driving. I think I might be ready to go take the written test, which is incredibly scary. I’m getting easily 99% or 100% consistently on the practice tests I’ve been taking online. The only thing left to do is actually take the test and start driving.

Like with the moving out thing, I just really hope I can handle this.


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