Time and The Passing Thereof

In exactly two weeks I’ll be turning twenty. I’ll no longer be a teenager, I’ll be among the ranks of the young adults. It feels like I’m being thrust forward before I’ve finished preparing, somehow.

It’s not like I’m still a child or anything. I’m quite mature – or I’d like to think, anyway. Of course, there’s plenty of room for growth, but for my age and situation and all that, I think I’m doing fine.

The thing that gets to me, though, is how fast the time seems to be going when it has no right to be fast – I’m not exactly busy or engaged in exciting activities on a regular basis. I’m basically wasting time as I wait for the gears to turn and bring me forward to a place where I can be busy. This time of year always makes me think of this sort of thing, oddly enough. For most people, summer is when you can relax and stop thinking about school or your future and just hang out with friends or whatever it is young people do in the summertime. For me, this is when I start thinking about my plans and how much time is passing and all that.

It took me a while to find archives with the date on them, but I finally found out that it was almost exactly a year ago when I went to the States. I added all of the road trip photos to Facebook on May 14th, which was presumably the day after I arrived, or thereabouts. No wonder I’ve been thinking about that time so much these past few days. It really was an interesting experience, even if most of it ended badly and wasn’t all that fun overall. The weather was like this, warm and sunny, most of the time but the trees and parks were gorgeous. I lived right beside an amazing hiking trail through a patch of woods, and even the backyard was nice. There were some incredible rain storms that summer. I remember being indoors the most, though, with the window A/C humming and the turquoise walls that contrasted with the black-painted wood floor and playing DC Universe or Limbo on the PlayStation and ordering pizza or cooking pasta at midnight. Especially the days I got the place to myself while my then-partner was at work or otherwise out of the house. Those times were awesome.

It feels like it’s been only a couple weeks since January. It’s mindboggling that the year is 2017 (and almost half over, even), that I finished high school two years ago, that I’m turning twenty in two weeks. I can’t believe it’s been so long. A lot has happened, and at the same time very little. It’s strange. I’m far too aware of this sort of thing – it’s on my mind quite a lot, and I feel like I’m annoying people by talking about it so much. Hence this post, which only those who want to listen will read it. So, since you did, thanks and stuff.

By the way, if you were wondering, the featured image isn’t Anonymous; it’s Aloysius, Anonymous’s brother.


One thought on “Time and The Passing Thereof

  1. Carrie says:

    Firstly, let me say…well written! Your post flows easily and comprehensively.

    Secondly, your observation of time is true for you, as it is relative to everyone. Taken one day at a time, little seems to change. And yet so much has.
    I’m over three times your age. Trust me. You are doing fine. Very…fine. pardon the grammar.
    You have a goal, and you are making serious steps to full fill that goal.
    Love and hugs…always!

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