The Finale


Netflix finally added the fourth series of Sherlock, somehow perfectly timed with when I had plans to visit my best friend on Tuesday. Naturally, that meant we watched the whole series in one sitting.

Obviously, if you haven’t seen it yet, don’t read the rest of this post. I’m going to be discussing how it ended and things I liked or didn’t like, so it’ll contain a ridiculous amount of spoilers.

Seriously. Stop reading if you haven’t seen series 4 of Sherlock yet.

Alright, now it’s just us who have seen the finale, I hope.

This series was the most dramatic yet, and that’s really saying something when it comes to Sherlock. I felt like that jarred my immersion a bit, but for most people, you probably wouldn’t even notice. I’m just extremely critical of things like that; I think this is why I don’t really like superhero movies, they’re always dramatic and over-the-top. I know that’s part of the genre, but I can’t suspend my disbelief as easily as the typical viewer.

Okay, heads up – I’m a very critical reviewer. I’m not going to praise the show much, if at all. Fair warning.

The first episode was good, it was typical of what was expected from this show. I mean, besides Mary getting shot and dying. The scenario of her death was ridiculous, I might add. The angle of the gunshot suggested that the bullet would have hit Sherlock in the gut – definitely not something you’d die from instantly, unlike where it ended up hitting Mary, right in the chest. I did a bit of research and it can take a full 10 minutes to even lose the ability to fight after getting shot in the abdomen. Gunshot wounds to the chest take up to 3 seconds to kill you, and Mary got shot really close to her heart. No dying conversation possible there. Realistically, she probably wouldn’t have been able to jump in the way as fast as she did, anyway, but because she did she caused a redundant death that caused a lot of turmoil between the other characters throughout the rest of the series.

The second episode was intense but put together really well. The drama was even more over-the-top, but it was necessary for the plot to work. Culverton was appropriately unlikeable and “evil” for the story, although I think Sherlock made a gross exaggeration when he described him as “the most dangerous, most despicable human being [he’s] ever encountered.” He says “that creature, that rotting thing is a living, breathing coagulation of human evil.” About Culverton. Not even Moriarty got such a colourful description. That seems a bit out of proportion. At the end of the episode, when John is having a bit of a heart-to-heart with Sherlock, Sherlock gets a text from Irene Adler. John sort of blows up at him for not texting back, literally saying that romantic entanglement would “complete [him] as a human being.” That completely invalidates asexuality and aromanticism. That pissed me off.

The third episode was a shitshow. I didn’t enjoy watching it until the very end, which I also didn’t particularly enjoy because of the cheesiness of it. I just didn’t like Eurus as a villain – she didn’t have the likeable qualities Moriarty had, and it seemed cheap to include him with little video clips. Just to trick people into thinking he would make a comeback at the very end. Eurus was supposedly smarter than either Sherlock or Mycroft but really didn’t come across as such. Her mind games were boring – and shouldn’t have even worked the way they did. I mean, Sherlock is a sociopath. He shouldn’t have had any trouble with choosing which person to kill in Eurus’s challenges. It was basically the Trolley problem, and even I find that extremely easy to decide on who to kill, and I’m pretty sure I’m not actually a sociopath. Well, I don’t know for sure, but that’s another topic. Sherlock shouldn’t have had such an ethical dilemma over those problems – or at least that particular one.

The conclusion at the end of the final episode was nice. I’m glad they didn’t leave it on another cliffhanger; that would have come across as extremely forced.

Overall, it wasn’t my favourite series, and nowhere near what the anticipation built it up to be after waiting so long. Maybe I’m getting more cynical with age and it was actually perfect. Who’s to say.

Well, those were my thoughts on the (most likely final) new series of Sherlock. Hopefully, I didn’t ruin it for you at all.


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  1. Carrie says:

    Sherlock didn’t have an ethical problem killing the bad guy at end of last serie.
    The writers forgot that hardwired bit of him. It would have been more interesting and true to their excellent rendering of Sherlock, if they had stayed their course

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