Brockville, Ontario

I went on a trip to Brockville with my parents about two weeks ago. I put off writing about it for a while (organising my thoughts recently has been oddly difficult) but finally, here’s what I thought of the experience.

It was a long, tedious drive made stressful by the time constraints, but once we were there, it was lovely. So much nicer than Woodstock.

Before we could do anything else, we needed to eat. The shopping district alone is huge, with plenty of options, but we settled on Pizza Pizza – mostly because it was nearby and relatively quick. Now we were really pushing the time, though, so we just brought our pizza to the school and hurriedly ate in the car before going in to meet up with our tour guide.

St Lawrence College Brockville isn’t flashy or intimidating; it has a comfortable atmosphere that I easily settled into. I remember a few years ago when I visited Western in London – that was a different story. It was very intimidating to me. That could, of course, be because of where I was personally at the time, but I think the schools are actually that different. The classrooms at St Lawrence aren’t stunning, but they’re definitely not tiny or crappy or anything. The art rooms – obviously, the most relevant ones for me – are very nice and I could easily tell that they were both used thoroughly and also respected. That made me feel good about studying and working in them. All of the people we met at the school that day were lovely, even if I’ve completely forgotten most of their names. I’m really not that great with names.

After the tour was over, it was pretty much required that we look about at the rest of the city for a while. I mean, how could we not after that intense trip to get there? So we drove around a bit and went to see the river – of course. It’s a very beautiful city, and the waterfront is nice. I found it hard to believe that the opposite shore wasn’t part of Canada, despite knowing that I was looking at New York State. That’s a surreal experience.

We didn’t really have that much time to experience the city since there was still the drive home to tackle, but from the bits I saw, it seems like a nice place. I’m going back soon, so hopefully, I’ll see more of the city this time and maybe write more about it. If you happen to be in the area, though, it’s definitely worth a visit, even if just to see the river. Large bodies of water are fascinating to see up close.


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