No Structure

I haven’t been writing much here on this blog. You know what? I’m going to just write whatever, and then I’m going to publish it, regardless of if I said anything “interesting enough”. That’s a toxic concept, anyway.

The temperatures have been swinging back and forth from hot and sunny to cool(ish) and rainy at a ridiculous rate. Today was both – the morning and afternoon were beautifully wet and cool, but now that it’s evening the sun has warmed everything up again. It’s bizarre that it changes so sporadically and suddenly. That’s one of the things I dislike about summer: how unreliable and usually uncomfortable the weather is. (I mentioned a few more reasons in my recent YouTube video if you missed that.)

I tend to do a lot of online shopping and very little in-person shopping. It’s a convenient way to stay out of the sun and avoid social interactions while still getting the things I need or want. The problem is that it’s so easy to buy things, which makes it very easy to overspend. It’s also somewhat addictive. Good thing I have a tight hold on my figurative money purse and I strongly dislike parting with my money – otherwise, I would probably put myself in debt from simply buying clothes and fancy coffee. But, as I said, I’m relatively safe from that because of how frugal I am.

One type of online “shopping” that I’ve been doing lately, however, is definitely not a problem. I’ve been browsing rooms for rent on Kijiji and responding to all of the relatively good/affordable ones. That’s a surreal feeling. I’ve been sending business emails and discussing things in a mature, responsible way. Sure, I’ve asked my mum for help a lot, but I’m still doing a lot of the work myself. It’s pretty encouraging for me. I’m going all-out, too: I copied all of the information from the ones who have responded onto an info sheet and put labelled Post-it arrows on my map of Brockville pointing to approximately where the rooms are located.

It’s mind-boggling how fast (and yet slow) time has been passing this year. It’s going to be July in two days. That’s insane. Although I often have a feeling of nothing-to-do and time dragging on, it still doesn’t feel like it should be this far into the year yet. Just a week ago I hit my two-years-on-T milestone. I wanted to make a comparison timeline video to commemorate it but I forgot and then missed the chance. I should probably pay more attention next year if I actually want to do that; I’ve missed two anniversaries already. Two, though. It’s strange to think that it was two years ago that I started this journey (medically-speaking). Now, that feels like it should be much further in the past. I was so young two years ago.

Life is strange. I don’t understand it and I have to keep trying to push those thoughts away so I can get on with things. Even if there’s not much to do besides watch Netflix and block out thoughts of how hot it is.

I found a show I’ve been enjoying, by the way, called Please Like Me. It’s Australian, which is a cool change from all of the American and British shows I usually watch. The show is about a gay guy who’s roughly my age and, sort of, his adventures with coming to terms with his sexuality and then just general relationships and friends and drama and so on? I don’t know how to describe it. It’s fun, anyway, and has some cute moments. I’m probably going to go watch a few episodes after I finish writing this.


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