Music and How it Affects my Creativity

I’ve noticed something as I’ve cycled through my phases recently, from angsty alternative to mellow indie to Canadian pop/dance and now to dubstep – what music I listen to has a direct effect on both how creative I feel and what I end up making.

I can’t quite say it as definitively as to say “indie makes me X amount creative, dubstep makes me X amount creative”, but there are some slight trends. I feel more like writing when I listen to the mellow indie – when it doesn’t put me to sleep, anyway – and both dubstep and alternative make me feel like making intense paintings or stories, and dubstep is far more motivating than any of the other genres of music I tend to listen to. I didn’t want to make a technical breakdown of the effects of music, though. I just wanted to discuss how interesting it is.

I’ve created some of my favourite drawings from listening to music. I’m not sure if that’s connected to my synesthesia, because music does tend to give me impressions of images and colours and often even places in my head, but it’s very helpful as an artist to spend a while absorbing the music.

Synesthesia is another interesting thing. I often forget that it’s uncommon and none of my friends or family has it. It’s always been a thing for me, and it’s how I automatically explain flavours or sounds. I’d love to turn more music into artwork but the images constantly change as the song goes on so it’s really hard to pin down into a single image, and that’s assuming the idea is clear enough that I can capture it.

It’s like how you remember dreams. You might have a few things you can say with certainty, but most of it is vague and kind of blends together so you can’t tell if it was your cousin sitting and chatting with you in your living room or if it was a dragon tearing your school apart while Linkin Park played a show in the courtyard. That’s a bit more wild than I mean, but I hope it still made sense.Whenever I try and explain synesthesia I feel a lot like I’m explaining a sixth sense, which I guess in a way it is.

Whenever I try and explain synesthesia I feel a lot like I’m explaining a sixth sense, which I guess in a way it is. I don’t know if this was just a bunch of gibberish that was confusing for you to read. Oh, well. It’s too late now and you’ve already read it.


One thought on “Music and How it Affects my Creativity

  1. Carrie says:

    My impression of how synesthesia affect/effects you, is the representation of a feeling is represented in a sense of colours, which are not constant for you.
    What a unique way to experience your world. Probably frustrating also, as explaining colours to a blind person would be.
    As an artist, it must be both wonderoUs and again frustrating, as impressions blend and morph.

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