The Stress of Changes


As most people reading this already know, I’m in the process of moving to a new city for college. This is a stressful and confusing process for me. I’m not familiar with moving out on my own – naturally – and starting college is by far an alien experience.

I was given my class timetable on Monday. That’s exciting but also added significantly to my stress levels because it brought the awareness of how soon it all is to the forefront of my mind. I was also going through the upcoming events as I added my classes to my schedule – things like Orientation Day and when I can go get my student ID card and whatnot. They’re things I knew were going to happen but now that they’re within a month from now and they’re on my calendar it’s starting to feel real.

The biggest thing contributing to the stress, though, would have to be packing up my stuff. That is probably the main thing both that I have to worry about right now and also that is reminding me of the imminence of it all.

I’m not worried about how things will be once I actually start school, per se, but I am fairly worried about adjusting to being entirely responsible for myself. I have a tendency to forget things and I don’t trust myself to remember accurately or to know what to do in a given situation appropriately. I’m sure it’ll all go fine, though. Things usually do in the end.

I have thirteen unfinished posts here that I haven’t liked enough to publish – at least two of which are talking about all the other drafts – but I’m determined to publish this one. It’s been too long without any actual writing on this blog. I don’t know why I changed so much – not that long ago I was churning out content quite regularly. Now? Well, I’m going to chalk it up to all the stress and chaos of my impending move.

Here’s hoping I’ll get out of this weird funk once I’m busy with classes again.


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  1. Congratulations on your new adventure! You will be amazing in school and in your choice of career. Your talents speak volumes and will be a great gift to this world. I know, because I have seen your gifts.
    Try to keep your mind focused on your ultimate goal. When tensions, stress, or anxiety creeps up; stop, breathe, tell yourself, “I’m fine, this is a new experience for me,” then try to turn the feelings into something positive. Remember, most other people starting school and moving away for the first time are feeling the same.
    Make yourself a calendar, with notes and plan out your days. It may help.
    Wishing you unlimited success and happiness!

    1. P.L says:

      Thank you, Teresa 🙂 I’ll have to try out that calendar idea!

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