Awesome Moment #5


Today’s awesome moment is partly from today and partly an in-general thing. The awesomeness being described today is, collectively, the friends I have made here in Brockville.

I almost know too many people to keep track of properly but they’re all so cool and so unique. I’m not a social person by nature, but it is kind of awesome to know so many different people who (for some reason) appreciate my company enough to be friends with me. It’s a pretty cool feeling, to be honest. Today I got to hang out with someone who I hadn’t hung out with before; the most interaction we had was briefly chatting during school events or other quick moments like that. I definitely see why in The Sims, your Sim will get a positive moodlet when you make a new friend. I never really noticed that sort of thing before but now that I’m trying to pay attention to these little things, it stands out.

I was tempted to save this moment for closer to Thanksgiving but I figured, fuck it. It’s what’s on my mind so I might as well write it now.


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