About Me

My name is Liam, and I call myself PastLiam most places online. That’s because as soon as I share something, the version or piece of me that’s in that thing or that created that thing is instantly in the past. And so, in these digital records, I’m forever stuck being a version of Liam from the past – hence, PastLiam.

My goal is to one day be a full-time professional artist and writer. This autumn I’m moving for college to study visual and creative arts to hopefully get closer to this goal. I’m really looking forward to starting that experience – it’ll improve this blog, too, hopefully – I’ll have a hell of a lot more to write about!

I’m transgender. I sometimes write about things pertaining to this aspect of my life, usually only when there’s a development like a surgery or something like that.

About the Blog

I write about myself often as I’m my own primary source of material and at this point in my life, there’s not much else to direct my attention to. This blog is purely intended as an expression of my thoughts and experiences throughout my life, so it naturally tends to be about me. As things come up I write about them, though.

I post most of my artwork to DeviantArt, and sometimes I make YouTube videos. The “gallery” link in the menu takes you to my DeviantArt page, and at the bottom of the page are links to my social media. The best places to follow me, though, are here on this blog and on DeviantArt.

I don’t write posts consistently, but I do post the quote of the week fairly consistently.

I’ve had several other blogs before this one under different names, so if you’re curious to read my horrible childhood writing, I wish you good luck in finding them. I’ll give you one – the one before this one was called Kayden the Wolf. No, I’m not a furry.