Hi, I’m Liam.

I’m a college student, just reaching the end of my first year. I switched halfway through from the fine arts program to the general arts and sciences program to better suit my particular interests; the thing with general arts and sciences is that it allows me to take individual classes from any program, meaning I can have a completely customised range of subjects. I’m still taking mostly fine arts classes but I omitted the ones I disliked and I substituted in other interest classes, like personal finance.

I’ve been into art my whole life and when I was younger I impressed a lot of people with my skills for my age, but now that I’m older I’m nowhere near as impressive. That’s why I decided to go to college for art in the first place.

I’m atypical in a lot of ways and I have a lot of mental health stuff going on. It would be ridiculous to write all that here, but if you read through my posts, you’ll get a sense of what I mean.

The Blog

I write about myself often as I’m my own primary source of material. This blog is purely intended as an expression of my thoughts and experiences throughout my life, so it naturally tends to be about me. Hence why it’s called Brain O’Liam – it’s my brain, in writing.

I post most of my artwork to DeviantArt, and sometimes I make YouTube videos. I don’t write posts consistently, but I do post the quote of the week fairly consistently.

I’ve had several other blogs before this one under different names. If you’re curious to read my horrible childhood writing, I wish you good luck in finding them. I’ll give you one: the one immediately before this one was called Kayden the Wolf and was here on WordPress.