Furniture Isn’t Simple

I have now settled into the new apartment with my partner (and I can write this because we finally got our internet installed) and now the only thing we have to worry about is getting all the furniture we need to be comfortable in our new home. This search has proven to be more complicated … Continue reading Furniture Isn’t Simple


Packing Up

Now, with the lease signed, the final countdown begins. In less than one week, we're supposed to be getting our new keys and then we can move all of our stuff into the apartment that we can call home. In less than one week, I have to have all of my belongings sorted of the … Continue reading Packing Up

Snow in April

Today, well into the Spring season, it snowed quite heavily. I'm well aware that Canada is normally snowier than other places and warm weather comes later, but this is ridiculous. The thick blanket of snow covering everything is contrasted by the green growth and songbirds, perching uncertainly on frozen branches. I have yet to venture … Continue reading Snow in April

Changing my Plans

If you observe this blog closely, you might notice that I changed the countdown in the sidebar from "Countdown to surgery" to "Countdown to graduation" - that's because I've changed my plans for this spring. I had a lot of doubts circling in my head about my gender right from when I first questioned it … Continue reading Changing my Plans


The college strike has finally ended after a whopping thirty-five days, making it the longest college strike in Canadian history. It was a surreal sort of experience for me, kind of like I was suddenly in an alternate reality where I moved to Brockville but decided against going to college after all. I relaxed and … Continue reading Strike

Awesome Moment #9

I've been taking my break during this strike quite seriously and I've put a halt to pretty much anything that can be described as 'work'. I haven't done that intentionally, but that's how things seem to be working out. Two nights ago, I went to an organised activity (a very rare occurrence for me) called Cocktails … Continue reading Awesome Moment #9