Trying to Be

This has been an intense year so far and it has been rapidly passing, barely lingering long enough to leave an impression in my memory. I honestly don't know where January and February went, they feel like they lasted a few days. Same with March. There have been a lot of intense ups and downs … Continue reading Trying to Be



I've had a lot of things happen in my life in the last several months while here at college and because of them, I've had a fair bit of personal growth. I still feel leaps and bounds behind my peers in regards to emotional intelligence, but I'm also leaps and bounds ahead of where I … Continue reading Balance

Lack of Focus

I haven't done much proper writing on here lately - or anywhere, to be perfectly honest. I've been fairly busy with college, it's true, but even in my downtime I've been just watching YouTube or playing video games - or worse, scrolling mindlessly through Instagram or Pinterest. Tonight, I aim to change that. I did … Continue reading Lack of Focus

Brockville, Ontario

I went on a trip to Brockville with my parents about two weeks ago. I put off writing about it for a while (organising my thoughts recently has been oddly difficult) but finally, here's what I thought of the experience. It was a long, tedious drive made stressful by the time constraints, but once we … Continue reading Brockville, Ontario